I contacted Dave Hanbury, owner of the House of Jam recording studio, over 10 years ago, because of an album I heard by a local band in the D.C./Baltimore area called the Junkyard Saints.  I was blown away by the overall production quality and thought it was one of the best sounding local recordings I had ever heard, and the caliber of musicianship threw it over the top! As soon as I met Dave, I felt a real connection and decided to work with him as engineer and producer for my second album, and now we are currently working on finishing my fifth album together!

Tom Forsey

Dave has over 30 years of professional studio and live recording experience, as well as broadcast media experience working with the largest news networks in the country. Besides being a great producer, engineer and guitarist, Dave is an incredible person with a pure heart and simple love for all kinds of people and music. He is very well respected and connected in the DC/Baltimore music scene and he works with some of the most respected musicians in the area.

House of Jam is well equipped for all types of recording sessions, including live bands. Besides utilizing the most current Digital Performer software and Mac G5 processors, Dave has a great collection of high end and industry standard microphones for all applications. Other studio equipment includes Leslie speakers, classic guitar and bass amps, a Fender Rhodes, Hammond C-2 organ, Kawai upright piano and more. Even better, the House of Jam Band is just a phone call away, so if you need one player or the whole band for your project, they will exceed your expectations! Members include Dave (acoustic & electric guitars), Dave Ylvisaker (keys), Andy Hamburger (drums/percussion), Steve Sachse (electric & upright basses) Al Williams (sax) and Brian Simms (keys, vocals).

On a personal note, I can’t say enough about Dave as an incredibly gracious, humble, passionate and spiritual person. He will naturally go out of his way to embrace your music project, make you feel at ease and at home to bring out the best in your performances. I am extremely proud and blessed to be part of Dave’s music universe, family and brotherhood!

Tom Forsey Songwriter / Musician T4cRecords.com


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  1. Good Day, I visited your website and was quiet impressed with the layout.  I write gospel lyrics that I need music produced to, a demo track that I can take along with me to the Gospel Music Workshop that will be held in Cincinati Ohio this year.  I do not sing just write lyrics but can provide a singer.

    If you can assist me please drop me a note at the above email address.



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